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A Quality Manufacturer of Chemical Solutions

Hurst is an independent Australian chemical company specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality products primarily for the printing industry. These activities are conducted by a skilled and experienced staff providing technical and sales support through a net work of dealerships throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Products are manufactured under the HURST label and other private brands, all strictly in accordance with our Quality System.

Safety & the Environment

The effects which chemicals may have upon health, safety and the environment concerns everyone. As the leading Australian-owned manufacturer of printing chemicals, we seriously observe our special responsibility in this regard. At Hurst “We are all in this together” is our key note leading into the new century. It is our policy to ensure that neither personnel nor the environment is endangered by any of our processes, and that our customers are kept informed about the responsible handling of our products.

In each case, Hurst products are designed to minimise risk of injury. This is achieved by methods such as the careful selection of raw materials to reduce or eliminate potentially harmful components. Unique additives and press room specialties promote source reduction and high performance. Increasingly, our products are based on renewable agricultural resources. Hurst is committed to better, cleaner surroundings both in the press room workplace and in the larger exterior environment which we all share. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on all HURST products.

Research & Development

Hurst Australia is constantly monitoring the needs of it’s customers and the Hurst laboratories are devoted to the development of new products and the continual improvement of existing ones, as well as the quality assurance of ongoing production. Research includes our suppliers who are assessed according to their ability to supply consistent quality products and once a supplier is accepted, we monitor the performance of that company regularly to ensure the high level of service is maintained.

Hurst Australia

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Hurst is the Australian agent for German company, DruckChemie.

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Hurst Australia Pty Ltd
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Phone: (612) 9644-6888
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